Hi Chris,
Currently i have installed the Review Board 2.0 and doing some testing. I 
found out that it not able to show the branch,trunk,tag,etc which does not 
use the standard SVN. Currently we are not practicing any standard on SVN. 
So i would expect the review baord to list down all the directories in the 
particular SVN repo. please advise. thank you


On Tuesday, 12 November 2013 05:28:40 UTC+8, Christian Hammond wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm very excited to announce that we just released Review Board 2.0 beta 
> 1. We have been working really hard on getting this ready, and are now 
> hoping many of you will give it a try (on a test server, please).
> This release features numerous improvements to all parts of the product. 
> Something in here for everyone.
> I wrote up the highlights on our news announcement on the site. Please 
> have a look:
> http://www.reviewboard.org/news/2013/11/11/review-board-2-0-beta-1-released/
> If you'd like to try it, we strongly recommend setting this up with a new 
> database/site or a copy of your production database/site, and not your 
> existing one.
> Please report any bugs you hit to us, so we can get the final 2.0 ready.
> Enjoy!
> Christian
> -- 
> Christian Hammond - chri...@beanbaginc.com <javascript:>
> Review Board - http://www.reviewboard.org
> Beanbag, Inc. - http://www.beanbaginc.com

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