I wonder if anyone else has had this experience or can offer any assistance ?

Over the weekend, the CentOS server I was running ReviewBoard (v1.7.16) on under lighttpd was powered off and rebooted. It was previously configured to use ActiveDirectory authentication which worked perfectly. Since the reboot, authentication has been failing, and when I get back into the Admin > Authentication menu from a browser that still has an unexpired cookie, the only authentication methods showing are: Standard Registration & Legacy Authentication Module - there is no mention of LDAP, Active Directory or NIS !!!

The only thing that I can think that has changed recently is that the box was updated from CentOS6.4 to CentOS6.5 and this was probably the first reboot since.

I cant see any errors in any logfiles that would give me any clues where to look next..... anyone have any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance

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