> HI Christian,

I have followed installation process for reviewboard 
step by step While review-board installing dependencies, for *PIL* it says 

Best match: PIL 1.1.7
Downloading http://effbot.org/media/downloads/PIL-1.1.7.tar.gz
Processing PIL-1.1.7.tar.gz
Writing /tmp/easy_install-Ej6TvT/PIL-1.1.7/setup.cfg
Running PIL-1.1.7/setup.py -q bdist_egg --dist-dir 
WARNING: '' not a valid package name; please use only.-separated package 
names in setup.py
_imaging.c:3017:5: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type 
[enabled by default]
     (inquiry) image_length, /*sq_length*/
_imaging.c:3017:5: warning: (near initialization for 
‘image_as_sequence.sq_length’) [enabled by default]
_imaging.c:3077:5: warning: initialization from incompatible pointer type 
[enabled by default]
     (inquiry) NULL, /*mp_length*/
_imaging.c:3077:5: warning: (near initialization for 
‘pixel_access_as_mapping.mp_length’) [enabled by default]
libImaging/Quant.c: In function ‘rehash_collide’:
libImaging/Quant.c:154:10: warning: cast to pointer from integer of 
different size [-Wint-to-pointer-cast]
    *valp=(void *)((*(int *)valp)+(*(int *)&newval));
version       1.1.7
platform      linux2 2.7.5+ (default, Sep 19 2013, 13:48:49)
              [GCC 4.8.1]
*** TKINTER support not available (Tcl/Tk 8.5 libraries needed)
--- JPEG support available
--- ZLIB (PNG/ZIP) support available
--- FREETYPE2 support available
*** LITTLECMS support not available
To add a missing option, make sure you have the required
library, and set the corresponding ROOT variable in the
setup.py script.

To check the build, run the selftest.py script.
zip_safe flag not set; analyzing archive contents...
Image: module references __file__
Adding PIL 1.1.7 to easy-install.pth file
Installing pilprint.py script to /home/naveen/env-review72/bin
Installing pilconvert.py script to /home/naveen/env-review72/bin
Installing pilfont.py script to /home/naveen/env-review72/bin
Installing pilfile.py script to /home/naveen/env-review72/bin
Installing pildriver.py script to /home/naveen/env-review72/bin

I'm assuming that , it is not going to install PIL properly and while 
creating a site ...it throws *pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: PIL.*

i did installed *python-imaging* library using apt-get, but that error 
still haunting me. 

Please show the path for enlightenment :) 

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