Hi Everybody!

I modified the serverside to make same validation, when submitting a 
review. I made modification in webapi/resource.py in class 
ReviewRequestResource(WebAPIResource). I modified the update function to 
not submit a review if the validation is failed. I returning with http 
response to client.
In /static/rb/js/review.js there is function call 

                    type: RB.ReviewRequest.CLOSE_SUBMITTED,
                    description: subdesc,
                    buttons: gDraftBannerButtons

This function make an HTTP PUT request to close the review. I would like to 
get and process the answer. How can I get the answer. I am quite new in 
Javascript and jQuery, but it seems that function call does not have any 
return value. I tested with firebug the firefox get the answer for this 
HTTP PUT request which is generated by this gReviewRequest.close function.

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