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> > Hi guys,
> >
> > Does anybody familiar with the Hook system of ReviewBoard?
> > The thing is my team really needs a feature that requires ReviewBoard to
> > create a Jira ticket along with a new code review request.
> > Write an extension is too much work for me and I also dont think it`s a
> > good idea to directly modify the source code of ReviewBoard, so I am
> > wondering is it possible to just write a script, and when a new code
> review
> >
> > request is published, the ReviewBoard will trigger my script which will
> do
> > the Jira ticket creation?
> > I have looked into the Hook`s documentation but did not get any helpful
> > information.
> We initially implemented a reviewboard extension to add the reviewboard URL
> to JIRA tickets in a "Code Review URL" field and update the issue status to
> "In Code Review". What we discovered is that, since the operation is
> synchronous with JIRA, it slowed down submitting changes to reviewboard.
> Also, when JIRA dies (not an uncommon occurrence), the request to update
> the JIRA issue can just puke in the log file, cause reviewboard timeouts,
> and is then subsequently lost.
> To mitigate these problems, we implemented a cron job that polls for the
> latest reviewboard changes and updates JIRA out-of-band. The cron job uses
> the rbtools and jira-python modules. The downside is that the JIRA issue
> updating is not instantaneous.
> Cheers,
> M

Another option to consider is setting up RabbitMQ, and having your
extension make use of celery (http://www.celeryproject.org/) to put a
request in a distributed queue to do the update. With that, you don't have
to have the request wait around for the Jira communication to finish, and
you can code smart retries.

Review Bot (https://github.com/reviewboard/ReviewBot) makes use of celery
to do asynchronous operations.


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