Hey, what's up?

I know this question was probably raised several times in the past, but 
after a long search I couldn't find a clear answer.

We are working with ReviewBoard and SVN for quite long time. We use a 
post-commit hook in order to automatically post review-requests to the 
Each developer adds to the commit message a string like: "RB: <username>", 
and our script creates a review request targeted for <username>.

We are now moving to github (using private repositories). 
I see that ReviewBoard has support for git-hub: I can configure my 
repository and such.
But - how can I trigger an automatic review-request on each push?

I can see that GitHub has a "webhooks" support - so I can trigger some 
"POST" command on each push. Probably this can be integrated with 
ReviewBoard API, although I'm not sure how we can parse the commit message 
in order to open the review-request for a specific user.

Does anyone has a working example? It should be quite common, I wonder how 
come I couldn't find anything clear on this.


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