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> Hi,
> I try to integrate reviewboard and gitlab, but i have some problems.
> 1. Is there way to create automatically issues to gitlab bug tracker while
> creating reviewboard comment ( set "Open an issue") ?
No. Work is being done to provide a foundation for better bug tracker
integration, which may help with this (coming in a 2.x), but I don't
believe we'll provide a workflow for mapping comment issues to bug numbers.
You'd need to write a custom extension to get this behavior.

> I tried to create comment with "Open an issue", but only local
> (reviewboard) issues are created. Is it normal behavior?

These are Review Board issues, which is more like a To Do list. They're not
bug reports.

> 2. Can you explain what does "Bugs:" field mean in review request header ?
> Is it just a link to gitlab issue which must be created manually before?
It's just a comma-separated list of bug IDs that the review request
addresses. If your repository is properly configured to use your GitLab as
a bug tracker, then these bug IDs will be automatically linked to your
GitLab bugs.


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