I recently upgraded RBTools from 0.5.7 to 0.6. It seems like between
these versions, the behavior of 'rbt diff' has changed; whereas
previously I would run:

  rbt diff ./path/to/somefile ./path/to/anotherfile

to include two files in the resulting diff output, I notice that now
there is the -I INCLUDE_FILE which seems to serve this purpose. I
liked the old behavior better, as it is symmetric to `svn diff` and
`git diff`, but I guess that's a separate issue.

Anyway, when I try:

  rbt diff -I ./path/to/somefile

I get a diff output which includes all changed files in my working
directory, the same as if I had not given the -I flag at all. I dug a
bit into ./rbtools/clients/svn.py in git master which seems to be the
culprit. At least with my setup, I fall into this first block:

        if tip == self.REVISION_WORKING_COPY:
            # Posting the working copy
            diff_cmd.extend(['-r', base])

which doesn't seem to do anything with the files list which has been
passed in. Adding a call to:

+            diff_cmd.extend(files)

in that block seems to fix this issue for me.


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