The get_review_requests() function appears to be working correctly to me 
when I use the counts_only option, but not when I leave that out.  Below, I 
make calls to find out how many reviews are on my test server, and how many 
reviews are assigned directly to me:

>>>> rr = client.get_review_requests(counts_only=True, 
(snip agent='RBTools/0.5.2')>, payload={u'count': 26, u'stat': u'ok', 
'links': {}}, snip)

>>>> rr = client.get_review_requests(counts_only=True)
(snip agent='RBTools/0.5.2')>, payload={u'count': 6941, u'stat': u'ok', 
'links': {}}, snip)

Those counts are plausible.  But when I run the command to actually return 
the reviews assigned to me I get every review on the server:

# copied from script
    rr = client.get_review_requests(to_users_directly="sallan")
    count = 0
    while True:
        for review in rr:
            count += 1
            rr = rr.get_next()
        except StopIteration:
    print "Processed ", count, "records"

Processed  6941 records

Note that 6941 is the total number of review requests on this server.  Is 
this a bug, or am I using this function incorrectly?

RB Version: 1.7.14
RBTools Version:  0.5.2


-- Steve

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