Following the release of RB2.0, I retested with the latest packages in 
Fedora rawhide and EPEL.

The issue is still present with ReviewBoard-2.0-13.fc21 on Fedora rawhide.

The same procedure (a database import and rb-site upgrade) works with 
ReviewBoard-1.7.25-1.el6 on CentOS6+EPEL.

Note on Fedora, the database dump was modified from MyISAM to InnoDB before 
importing.  On CentOS, the engine was left as MyISAM, presumably because 
the default engine used by MySQL on CentOS is MyISAM where as it's InnoDB 
with mariadb on Fedora Rawhide.

Any advice on next steps to debug?

Since there are a few differences between the systems, perhaps eliminate a 
few, e.g. use Fedora Rawhide for both 2.0 and 1.7.25 tests, that way 
mariadb will be common to both setups.

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