Hello All,
I'm evaluating Review Board. I'm running RB version 2.0.1 on Centos 6.5 
with Mercurial v 2.8.3.
My question is regarding the "rbt post" command: After I do a commit and 
run "rbt post", I get the following error:

> ERROR: Error creating review request: Review request with this commit ID 
> already exists in the repository. (HTTP 409, API Error 227)

But if I look up the version id (id=100 let's say) and do "rbt post 100". 
The command seems to work. After reading the documentation, it seems like 
the "rbt post" should always use the tip when no version is specified.

Is this the expected behavior? Does the user need to specify the version 
number every time a new post is created?



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