My RB server and CC server are in different data center and I was told 
cleartool does not support WAN access. Does anyone have similar experience? 
or can someone confirm that?

在 2014年1月29日星期三UTC+8上午1时51分04秒,Vivek Gupta写道:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying to integrate Clearcase with Reviewboard. I have successfully 
> installed ReviewBoard 1.7 (on Fedore 20) but when I try to configure 
> Clearcase in ReviewBoard I get the following error:
>  "The executable "cleartool" is not in the path.". 
> Unfortunately, I cannot find any proper solution to this problem. Do I 
> have to install Clearcase client on the hosting machine. Would be great if 
> anyone could provide a step by step guide to this problem as I am new to 
> this stuff.
> Thanks a ton.
> Vivek

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