We're in the process of upgrading to a more recent version of Reviewboard (from 
1.6.3 to 2.0.6), and have noticed an odd effect with one of the reviews from 
the old data.

In the page showing the summary of the reviews we see that the review request 
has 1 issue outstanding (it is yellow, has an '! 1') in the Ship It column.
When we view the review itself, there are no issues present on that review - 
never mind any that are outstanding.

Screenshots of the issue in question:
  - shows the review in the list with a !1 issue count.
 - shows that there are no open issues.

Running 'fixreviewcounts' didn't update the numbers.

Is there a known issue with the import of older data having odd numbers?
Is there something we can do to investigate and/or cause the number to be 

Justin Fletcher

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