Bump!  Just refreshing this thread to see if anyone has any ideas why I still 
can't download attachments.


> On Aug 26, 2014, at 20:22, Christian Hammond <christ...@beanbaginc.com> wrote:
>> Can you try changing the media URL to have a '/' as a suffix? So: 
>> /rb/htdocs/media/, instead of /rb/htdocs/media.
> I did this, restarted the web server, and tried to download the attachment 
> again.  It still failed, but the access_log file shows that it's trying to 
> download it from the correct directory:
>   /rb/htdocs/media/uploaded/files/2014/07/29/...
> So clearly something changed for the better, yet I still can't download 
> attachments.  Any suggestions for next steps on how to debug this?  I 
> verified that the file it's trying to download does exist on the web server's 
> file system by cutting and pasting the path shown in the access_log file and 
> appending it to the web server root directory (/var/www/html).
> Some more data: in /etc/http/conf.d/rb.conf the DocumentRoot is defined as 
> /var/www/html/rb/htdocs.  Should the media URL be relative to this?  
> Everything else appears to be working fine...

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