Some of our repositories are wide open.  But we also have a few which are 
restricted for the SCM team's use only.

If I do the following, I would expect to get all the repositories back, 
since I am in the SCM group which has been given access to the restricted 

curl http://reviewboard/api/repositories/ -A application/json
{"*total_results"**: 2,* "stat": "ok", "repositories": [{"n........

I was not expecting two, I was expecting four, which includes the ones only 
my team can access.

On the admin page for repositories, in the *Access Control* section, I have 
the following for one of the repos which was not returned:

   - Publicly Accessible is *not* checked
   - Users with Access is empty
   - Review Groups with Access contains the group called SCM, of which I am 
   a member.

Should I need to add users to the "Users with Access" box?  I hope not, 
because that seems to defeat the purpose of having groups.

The reason I hit this issue is because one of the other members of the SCM 
team was trying to get  rbt setup-repo  working, and it kept complaining 
that it could not find the repository, no matter how she answered the 
prompts.  I used the '--debug' option and discovered it was using the API, 
so then I started playing with that.

Even when I run the 'curl' command above myself, I only get two 
repositories, which does *not* include the one that I have successfully set 
up using the "setup-repo" command.  If I can use  rbt setup-repo  to set up 
my working copy, then why does curl not return all four of the repositories 
to me?

What gives?

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