Hi all-

I'm curious if this is a bug or a feature: since RB 2.0 I've noticed that 
RB always assumes the user who created the review request closes it.  I 
liked the pre-2.0 model where RB recorded (and sent notifications from) the 
actual user who selected "Submitted" or "Discarded".

A little background: our small development team uses a mix of pre- and 
post-commit review.  New features are developed on topic branches that are 
reviewed by the whole team before merging, while bug fixes go directly onto 
the main branch and are reviewed after the fact (a hook script 
automatically generates each review).  The bug fix reviews are distributed 
by round robin across the development team, and the standard practice is 
"if nothing is wrong, close the review".  With the introduction of the "Get 
e-mail notifications for my own activity" setting (thank you!), we're now 
in a situation where a lot of the development team isn't notified when 
their bug fixes are "approved" (review closed without comment).

So given our workflow, if the new behavior is a bug I'd like to report it; 
if it's a feature I'd like to request a setting to change the behavior back 


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