I have noticed an issue with the moved files - where RB is no longer able to display the old diff once the source file is removed/renamed in the trunk. The problematic file diffs have the header like this:

Index: /new-file-name
--- /original-file-name    (working copy)
+++ /new-file-name    (working copy)

Which is then interpreted by RB to mean a source revision of HEAD. Obviously, once the file changes in HEAD (i.e. is renamed - or has textual changes incompatible with the patch), the diff fails to apply. What's worse is that such breakage is not immediately visible - as long as the source file exists in trunk and does not have incompatible changes, it shows the diff just fine.

I traced the generation of such header to SVN 1.7.x (probably, earlier version also have the same problem). SVN 1.8.x displayes "(revision XXXXX)" instead.

# Using SVN 1.7.18
$ svn cp foo bar
$ vi bar
$ svn di bar
Index: bar
--- bar    (working copy)
+++ bar    (working copy)

I think RBTools should detect if the SVN has reported "(working copy)" as the source file revision and in that case, obtain the missing revision from the 'svn info' output. The server probably needs to reject the patch if the source file revision is invalid (to safe-guard against older RBTools uploading such broken diffs). I could prepare the patch for RBTools, if needed.

Another question is, how to recover the diffs already in RB. The information recorded in a file diff is obviously insufficient to get that revision number. There are two hints at the automated recovery, though: - If the same source file was also deleted in this diff set, the 'deleted' part of the diff reports the revision of the source file. Since it was the same source file - the revision can be copied to the 'copied+modified' part of the diff. - If all the other files in the diff (which do not have PRE-CREATION as the source revision) have the same source revision, I think it is more or less safe to assume the problematic file also originated at the same revision.

In any case, it would be helpful to have an 'rb-site' command to detect and if possible, fix such issues.


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