I'm assuming this has been discussed before but I wasn't able to come up 
with the right search terms to find it. Apologies if that is case.

I'm using RB 2.0.x with SVN, doing pre-commit reviews. I have two issues to 
work on: one refactors some redundant code into a new method and the second 
introduces a new code which calls the new method, and both are implemented 
in one source file. I submit a request with the diff for the refactor and 
start working on the new code that uses the new method. I want to submit a 
new request that depends on the first one, and only displays the new code. 
Since I haven't committed the changes from the refactor (hasn't been 
reviewed yet), my diff file for the new usage will include that refactoring 
changes. I want the 2nd review request, for the new usage, to not display 
the diff that's already displayed in the request for the refactor. At 
present the second request shows both change sets. I tried manually 
removing the lines in the second diff file that were already submitted in 
the first, but RB threw an exception that the diff didn't apply cleanly. 

Now some of you may ask, why 'jump the gun' and work on the new code before 
the refactor has been accepted? Valid point, but it's just an example to 
illustrate what I'm looking for. 


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