We have a setup of Review Board Server version 1.7.12 and we are looking 
for an upgrade to the latest version 2.0.x. 
We need to test the new version before we roll out the changes to the users.

I did a fresh install of Review Board 2.0.12 on a test machine for the same.
When I try to do a post-review to the new Review Board server I get the 
following message:

>>> Got API Error 206 (HTTP code 400): The repository path specified is not 
in the list of known repositories.
However, the review gets posted to the older server without any issues.

I also tried updating the RBTools to version 0.7 on a test client machine. 
(older RBTools version 0.2).
The review got posted successfully using rbt command ( is *post-review* 
command deprecated now??)

So, do we need to make sure the client piece also gets updated in order to 
communicate with the latest Review Board server?


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