I'm trying to setup our 2.0.11 install of Review Board with a private
Bitbucket git repository and can't seem to get it working.

When I initially add a repo, it is successfully added.  However, when I go
to add a review, it doesn't pull in any commit history.

If I delete the repo and re-add it, I then get the following error:

A repository with this name was not found.

Again, the first time it works; remove it; add it again, and always get
that error.  Tried with a few different repos.

Also, not seeing anything in the RB server log that shows anything about
the connection attempt.  Sysadmin on our RB box says nothing should be in
place preventing communication with Bitbucket.com.

Has anyone successfully added a private Bitbucket repo to Review Board

Any help much appreciated!


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