I have a wrapper to rbt that calls directly into Post.run_from_argv().  I'm 
seeing different behavior regarding the saving of credentials in the 
.rbtools-cookies file and am hoping someone can tell me where to look in 
the code to understand this.  I've been stepping through the debugger, but 
getting lost.

Here's the problem I'm having.  On my main dev box, when prompted for 
login, I get a proper .rbtools-cookies file.  But on my test machines, the 
file gets written with only the header - no cookie - so I get prompted 
every time.  

Every configuration is using RBTools 0.6.3 and RB 2.0.15.  The only 
difference that I can see is in python versions. 

This works:

RBTools 0.6.3, RB 2.0.15
Python 2.7.8

These combos don't work:

RBTools 0.6.3 RB 2.0.15
Python 2.7.5, Python 2.6.6

I don't know if this is significant, but the successful case has this line 
in the header:

# http://curl.haxx.se/rfc/cookie_spec.html

and all the others have this:

# http://www.netscape.com/newsref/std/cookie_spec.html

which may indicate a different authentication module is being used.  In 
every case, rbt itself works correctly, so the problem is coming from my 
calling directly into run_from_argv.  I don't expect anyone to solve this 
for me but if I could get some clues as to where to look for the code that 
saves the cookie file that would be very helpful.



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