Hey everyone,

This week, our team will be working improve the documentation for Review Board 
and RBTools, adding codebase docs, fleshing out the API docs, writing 
setup/usage guides, and really anything else we can get to. We're calling this 
the Week of Docs. By the end of the week, we're hoping to have some significant 
improvements to our documentation, making life easier for users, 
administrators, and contributors.

Want to help? There are a few ways you can contribute to the Week of Docs:

* Let us know what we should focus on.

  Were some parts of the documentation confusing or lacking, as a user, an 
administrator, a contributor, or a consumer of our API?

  Maybe you hit some problem and wished there was a KB article for it?

  These would be good suggestions.

* Help us flesh out the existing docs.

  If you feel comfortable writing, just check out our source trees and start 
working on new docs. Submit your changes to https://reviews.reviewboard.org. 
We'll help massage it into place and get it up on the site.

* Help us write new guides/tutorials.

  Ever wish someone had a step-by-step guide to some part of our setup? Help us 
write one!

  How about some task you performed with our REST API or the RBTools Python 
API? Might be more good fodder for a guide.

We have some information on how this all works, and some tasks we've already 
come up with at https://reviewboard.hackpad.com/Week-of-Docs-UM1fN83ifgy

If you want to help out, just reply here and let us know! We'll start getting 
things going mid-day Monday (today!), PST, and will run this through the 
following Sunday. (Of course, everyone's free to contribute any time after 


Christian Hammond - christ...@beanbaginc.com  
Review Board - https://www.reviewboard.org  
Beanbag, Inc. - https://www.beanbaginc.com

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