I just recently upgraded my companies ReviewBoard from 1.6.3 -> 2.0.13. 
 After a few days of developers using it, we ran into an issue where when a 
developer is attempting to access a diff on a page *other* than page 1; 
when they click on the diff they want to inspect, it redirects them back to 
page 1.  When we looked at updates in 2.0.14/2.0.15, we thought that  "Fixed 
navigating between multiple pages in the diff viewer" was referring to our 
issue, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  We are now currently running 
2.0.15 and a "better" scenario arose.  Even though the page still redirects 
you to page one, the URL is correct so the user just needs to refresh their 
page and the path is correct.  Can you shed some light into what is 
happening here?  All the develops that have ran into this issue are 
currently using chrome as their default browser.

Also, it seems like opening a new tab/new window from the file-list link 
functions properly. 


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