>     cd /tmp 
>     DEBUG_RBSSH=1 DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=reviewboard.settings rbssh <ip> 

>From the above I get the following output:
$ DEBUG_RBSSH=1 DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=reviewboard.settings rbssh 
Unable to import settings_local.py: No module named settings_local

Please see https://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/admin/
for help setting up Review Board.

Regarding the full/initial review:
The repository that I am testing with is rather small, about 4 files with 
rather low number of LOC. 
I do agree that for larger codebase projects it can be an issue to create 
such a review but unfortunately we are only now integrating tool based code 
reviews into our development process.

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