I was trying to integrate ReviewBoard with the Clearcase repository today. 

ReviewBoard version is 2.5 and it is hosted on an RHEL system while the 
Clearcase repository is on another RHEL. The view configured in the 
ReviewBoard admin page for this repository was mounted on the ReviewBoard 

After some initial hiccups, I managed to reach the point where the rbt post 
was generating the diff and posting it to the server. But the diff upload 
was failing. I checked the ReviewBoard server logs and found that it was 
raising an exception. The SCMError exception was being raised from 
reviewboard/scmtools/clearcase.py file at line 166.

Unfortunately, I do not have the traceback right now. Will try to get that 
and post it too. But what I could see from the traceback was that an 
instance of class Clearcase was being created and in the __init__ function 
(clearcase.py: 57), it saves the repository path, calls the base class 
__init__ and then calls _get_view_type(). Now in this function, the first 
command executed is 'cleartool lsview -full -properties -cview' which 
fails. So it is trying to get the full properties of the current view. But 
that fails as there is no view set. I couldn't see a place where any view 
was being set. In fact, I looked up the whole reviewboard repository for a 
setview command and could not find it.

I hacked the clearcase.py file and in function _get_view_type() before the 
'lsview' command, I added another command to set the view (I got the view 
tag using _get_vobs_tag(repopath) ) and voila, the review got posted 

I have seen very very limited amount of ReviewBoard code and I don't know 
if this really could be a bug. But my Clearcase knowledge tells me that any 
'cleartool lsview' command with a -cview option is going to fail without a 
view being set. And I can't seem to find any code with a 'setview' string. 
What am I missing here?

- Viney

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