Anyone using Reviewboard and Sentry / Raven Client?

In our case, we wire Sentry into most internal systems so we can monitor 
and capture failures. I'm looking at using Reviewboard 2.5 Beta internally 
and wanted to capture both exceptions and  Critical/Error/Warn events with 
our internal server.

I've followed the Django client setup guide as per:

Not sure if this will work out of box, or if I should make these changes 
deeper within Reviewboard.

So anyone done this before?
If I know where to hook this in code base wise, happy to add optional logic 
to let users pass in a DSN and have reviewboard sentry integration 'turn 
on'.  I am also wondering about the reviewboard command line end user tools 
also longer term.

Anyone interested? Anyone done this before? 

Sentry is amazing. If you've never heard of it before, take a close look. 

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