Hey there,

I have been developing an extension for ReviewBoard and have a prototype 
for the extension running on my local version of ReviewBoard. It is an 
extension for reviewing diffs on a review request. I have successfully 
gotten it to appear at the bottom of the page when you click on a review 
request, and then click on View Diff. I was able to do so using the 
TemplateHook and setting it to "base-after-content". This is great so far 
however, I would like this to appear after the summary/description/testing 
done box but before any of the side-by-side diff comparisons. The 
"base-before-content" option also does not achieve the desired results as 
my extension comes before the summary box. From reading about the different 
hooks I have not be able to find a way to achieve this. If there is 
currently a way to set this up, that would be great. If there is not, I 
would just like to express interest in having such an option available for 
everyone. Thank you for your time.

Chris Lang

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