I'm trying to reuse some css style from reviewboard (version 2.0.15) in my 

My extension less file is like:

1  @import (reference) "@{STATIC_ROOT}/rb/css/reviews.less";
2  #acceptance-summary-table {
3      #issue-summary-table;
4     thead th {
5         background:url("@{STATIC_ROOT}/rb/images/header_bg.png") repeat-x 
scroll left bottom rgba(0, 0, 0, 0);
6        &:hover {
repeat-x scroll left bottom ;
8        }
9     }
10 }

Without line 4-9, the background images even don't show in development env.

And I got LESS build failure when compiling extension egg. It's same if I 
remove line 4-9
   ValueError: The file 'djblets/images/datagrid/header_bg.png' could not 
be found with <pipeline.storage.PipelineCachedStorage object at 0x3df9910>.

If checking the style of #issue-summary-table in 
reviewboard/static/rb/css/reviews.css, we could see such line:

1720 #issue-summary-table thead th {
1721   background: url("../../djblets/images/datagrid/header_bg.png") 
repeat-x bottom left;

I also noticed the following in reviewboard 2.0.18 release note

   - *Fixed packaging issues with Review Board static media files 
   referenced by an extension’s CSS/LessCSS files.*

Is it relevant with my build failure?  If so, can you show me the git 
commit hash contains that fix?


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