Hi Team,

Thanks for your reply.

I just need to find out for corresponding review request, what are the 
files are associated. I tried below program to find out the files list.
But it always give me wrong count. 

Can you tell me is there any other way to get the proper list of diff file 
names ?

RB Tool version: 0.6.2 
Review board version: 2.0.6

url = '/api/review-requests/%s/diffs/' % review_id
datareviews = rb_server.api_get( url )


        filelink = 
        print filelink
        filelink = filelink[filelink.find("api"):len(filelink)]
        filelink = filelink.rstrip()
        print "filelink is:"+filelink

        filedata = rb_server.api_get ( filelink )
        print filedata

        print filedata['files'][0]['source_file']


On Tuesday, July 14, 2015 at 1:46:55 PM UTC+5:30, vijay bhaskar reddy 
Yalamuri wrote:
> Hi Review board team
> I am writing a test program to find out is there any change of diff files 
> after posting the review request.
> I thought first I will get the list of files which are posted to the 
> review board and get the corresponding time stamp and compare this time 
> stamp with original defect file timestamp.
> I tried to get the list of diff files using many diff api's , but all the 
> api are not giving proper count. 
> I have dropped 5 files, but it always giving only 2 files.
> url = '/api/review-requests/%s/diffs/' % review_id
>         datareviews = rb_server.api_get( url )
> Could you please help me how to get the list of diff files and it's 
> corresponding file timestamp from the review board ?
> Thanks for understanding in advance.
> Regards
> Vijay

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