When I first started to setup Beanstalk integration, it kept failing, but I 
soon learned that I needed to use an account with API access to Beanstalk.

I have now enabled that for the Beanstalk account, generated an access 
token, but I still get invalid username/password errors.

Any ideas?

Also related - is there some way to "unlink" an account?  Since I need to 
change it to use the access token instead of the password, I wasn't sure if 
I was supposed to just use "Link New Account" again (which I've tried), or 
if I am supposed to somehow remove that linked account and start fresh 
(which I have not figured out how to unlink).


ReviewBoard 2.0.17
Beanstalk (saffrontech.beanstalkapp.com)
Git repo

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