We use an old version or rbtools, but a new version of reviewboard.
It would be great to know if these issues are something we might get rid of 
by updating the rbtools.

1. When doing post-review (yes, we still use that) of a git commit, the 
description that appear in reviewboard will be just one long line, ignoring 
the newlines entered during commit.
2. When updating the same review using "post-review COMMIT_HASH -r 
 REVIEW_NUM" it will override the current values of the review (description 
& summary), unlike the behavior in perforce where only the diff is updated.

I think that our rbtools are as old as 0.5.2 (!). Were the issues above 
known in that version?  is it fixed today?

I'm describing our current rbtools with hesitation since I'm not completely 
sure if it went though any customizations. I'm assuming not, but both David 
and Christian might know better although they probably last seen it in 2013 


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