Using Cygwin under Windows 8, I've been unable to setup my repository and 
post reviews using the command-line *rbt* tool.

Here are my details:

   - Windows 8 x64
   - Cygwin
   - Server is running ReviewBoard v2.0.20
   - Using RBTools 0.7.4
   - Repository is Git (using BitBucket as a service)
Whenever I attempt to run *setup-repo* or post under my Cygwin prompt, the 
command fails because the path is misconstrued.


*$ rbt setup-repo*
*Enter the Review Board server URL: [My server's URL]*
*CRITICAL: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: 
u'C:\\home\\[My username]\\[My Git repository folder]'*

I don't know how I can tell *rbt* to look in */home/[My username]/[My Git 
repository folder]* instead of *C:\\* which doesn't work under Cygwin.

Any suggestions?

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