We are using clearcase as our source code repository. It seems that 
ReviewBoard does not pick up the base element for review if the element 
(file) get rebased in between the versions. We are using brtype:<branch 
name> option to pass the branch name for review.

The following example might help.
I have a version 11 of a file

The version 0 of this file is based on 
version "filename.C@@/main/v105/temp_sam_reviewboard/0"
  created 2015-09-29T15:52:27-04:00 by sam (sam@lnx112)
  Element Protection:
    User : UNIX:UID-18597 : r--
    Group: pdxdb2   : r--
    Other:          : r--
  element type: text_file
  predecessor version: /main/v105/20

But I re-based the version filename.C@@/main/v105/temp_sam_reviewboard/10 
to filename@@/main/db2_v105/23 so the diff should be between :

filename.C@@/main/v105/temp_sam_reviewboard/11 and 

Do you know why the tool does not find the right ancestor for the file?

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