I'm looking to create a hook extension inside ReviewBoard. I manage to 
create and install it seem to be recognized and I can enable it. But I 
think I got the wrong hook and I cannot figure out when it is really called.

I try the review-request-approval-hook, but it doesn't seem to be called 
after a ship it occure. When does this hook get called exactly?


What I want to do is, when a review is getting a ship it, I want to change 
the related issue status inside Redmine. I installed python-redmine into my 
bitnami python stack fro review board. But I'm not sure which hook to use 
when a reviewer click on ship it, to perform script hook.

Maybe there's some extension already existing for that? any good page for 
extension list?
I found this, but aside from power pack, there ain't much: 


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