I have installed reviewboard a few times whilst trying to get round some 
setup errors and i'm having an issues fixing some pathname hangups i think 
from a previous setup. When i try to access the webpage i get the 

Media directory changes

Your Review Board installation does not have a 
/var/www/reviews.test.com/htdocs/media/uploaded/images directory.
If this is a new installation...

Create both /var/www/reviews.intelesens.com/htdocs/media/uploaded and 
/var/www/reviews.intelesens.com/htdocs/media/uploaded/images on the server 
and make both directories writable by the web server. You can do so with 
the following commands:

  $ cd /var/www/reviews.intelesens.com/htdocs/media
  $ mkdir -p uploaded/images
  $ sudo chown -R www-data.www-data uploaded

I had originally created a site called reviews.test.com but i had a few other 
setup issues and i ended up deleting it and creating a site called just 
reviews. It now seems to be stuck looking for  
/var/www/reviews.test.com/htdocs/media/uploaded/images  instead of  
/var/www/reviews/htdocs/media/uploaded/images which does exist? 

I assume this pathname is specified somewhere ?


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