I've been developing a script to help get Review Board working within the 
particular workflow at my company. 
The script uses hg to generate diffs based on certain keywords in the 
changeset descriptions. 
So far it's going quite well, but I've run in to this odd problem. 

When updating a review request with a new diff, if there are files missing 
from the new diff that were in the original diff, Review Board seems to 
assume that all the original changes to those files have been reverted. 

So for instance, if you add a line to foo.c in a review request, then 
update the request with a diff that does not mention foo.c, the request 
will now show:

orig - 1 : line added in foo.c
1 - 2 : change reverted in foo.c
orig - 2: foo.c is gone

Is this behavior intentional? Is there any way to avoid this?

I've thought of somehow including foo.c in the new diff file with no 
change, but there is no easy way for me to get the list of files from the 
original request. 
I would probably need to start making requests to the api which is a layer 
of complication I've avoided so far. 

Many thanks


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