Me and my team have been successfully using ReviewBoard for about half a 
year now, and I am looking at rolling it out to the whole of R&D.

The only problem that we have so far, is that many times, our code changes 
are across multiple repos. I have been able to work around this with CVS by 
creating a dummy CVS directory in the root, and adding all the repos to the 
ENTRIES, but now we are migrating to GIT and this will no longer work.

Basically my question is: Is there any way to post a review that uses More 
than 1 repository?  Example would be 1 GIT repo and 1 CVS repo, or 2 GIT 
repos, ...

If this is not currently possible, how difficult do you think it would be 
to make a custom RBT command to be able to do this?


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