In order to incorporate Reviewboard into a slightly unorthodox 
Mercurial-based workflow, I created a script that generates a diff by 
identifying changeset ranges and files using keywords, and then uses this 
diff to post a new review request. 
It's been working pretty well so far, but lately it's failed a few times. 
The problem happens when changes in the diff have not been pushed to the 
server yet. Reviewboard Validation looks for the files on the server using 
a revision (which I assume it gets from the diff) that's not there. 
What's weird is that sometimes it works. My colleague was able to post a 
review request based on changes that had not been pushed. But when he went 
to update the request with a new diff it failed. 

I guess my question is, when Reviewboard is validating a diff, where does 
it get the revision number from to build the URL? Is it taking the first 
revision listed in the diff for each file?


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