I'm trying to set up the latest ReviewBoard in a Docker container and I'm 
getting a error while it's installing the cryptography python module:

Searching for cryptography>=1.1
Reading https://pypi.python.org/simple/cryptography/
Best match: cryptography 1.4
Downloading https:
Processing cryptography-1.4.tar.gz
Writing /tmp/easy_install-XlMjZa/cryptography-1.4/setup.cfg
Running cryptography-1.4/setup.py -q bdist_egg --dist-dir /tmp/easy_install-
unable to execute 'x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc': No such file or directory
unable to execute 'x86_64-linux-gnu-gcc': No such file or directory

    No working compiler found, or bogus compiler options
    passed to the compiler from Python's distutils module.
    See the error messages above.
    (If they are about -mno-fused-madd and you are on OS/X 10.8,
    see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/22313407/ .)
error: Setup script exited with 1
The command '/bin/sh -c easy_install ReviewBoard' returned a non-zero code: 

This is particularly weird since I've already installed the (precompiled) 
debian package for this. Here is my current Dockerfile:

FROM debian:8
MAINTAINER Ovidiu-Florin Bogdan (ovidiu.bog...@movidius.com)

ENV DEBIAN_FRONTEND noninteractive

RUN apt update && apt install -y \
    patch \
    subversion \
    memcached \
RUN apt update && apt install -y \
    python-setuptools \
    python-dev \
    python-mysqldb \
    python-crypto \
    python-cryptography \

RUN easy_install -U setuptools
RUN easy_install python-memcached
RUN easy_install mysql-python
RUN easy_install ReviewBoard

I'd prefer not to actually install the compiler, since this is to be a 
production server. I could install the compiler and uninstall it after 
cryptography finishes it's install, but I would prefer to keep this as a 
last resort.

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