I encountered a bug (or intended behavior) with Power Pack 1.4.2 and managing 
authorized users for the Power Pack. I'm using the Automatic user licensing 
feature for managing users.

1.       I created my groups and added my users

2.       I used the Power Pack's 'Configure Automatic User Licensing' and added 
those groups to the Auto-add groups.

3.       I then realized that no one in my groups had the Power Pack features 

4.       I had to remove all users from the groups and re-add them.

5.       Once I re-added the users the Power Pack features were enabled.

I wish I didn't have to remove all users and then re-add them, in order for the 
Power Pack to auto-add the users. If a group has users when I assign it in the 
'Configure Automatic User Licensing', I'd like it to go ahead and enroll all 
users of that group.

Also, I don't see any signs in the GUI that the users were "auto-added". Where 
should I see that? The 'notes' column is empty on the 'Manage Users' tab.


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