Hi all

i'm using ReviewBoard ( with Perforce (2016.1) with rbt (0.7.6) and 
i'm actually having some trouble in generating the diff from some files.

I've checked the line ending in the source file and the local and they 
seems fine (both Unix), i've checked the encoding and both have the same 
encoding (both UTF8 with BOM), i've checked for unicode character in the 
files but i was not able to find anything. 
We also tried to follow the code and we saw that the process fail on the 
"patch -o oldfile newfile" so i suppose that the diff is already created 
(?) , for some reason the first chunk of the files that i'm testing is 
returning an error, so maybe it could be related to BOM (even if it sounds 
weird, since also the source file have it)?

I'm running out of ideas why the diff is not generated, any suggestion?

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