Happy Birthday ReviewBoard :) This is one of the most active and helpful 
forum i have seen.

Thanks :)

On Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at 4:54:37 AM UTC+5:30, Christian Hammond 
> Hey everyone,
> Review Board is officially 10 years old today! Happy birthday Review Board!
> There's been a lot of change in the industry in 10 years, and during that 
> time we've seen code review go from a painful process of whiteboards or 
> e-mailed diff attachments to something that people can at least mostly 
> tolerate doing :) I like to think we've helped with that a bit.
> The product's certainly grown a lot in 10 years. In the beginning, it was 
> really just a tiny experimental project that could talk to one repository. 
> These days, it's used at thousands of companies, some of which actually 
> have several million review requests posted.
> I'm personally very proud of how far this project has come. We were able 
> to take our little side project and turn it into a full-time job, and I 
> feel so lucky to be able to focus on this every day. We wouldn't be here 
> without the support of our user base, so thank you everyone for helping us 
> get to 10 years. :)
> We wrote a Happy Birthday blog post 
> <https://www.reviewboard.org/news/2016/09/27/happy-10th-birthday-review-board/>
> about the beginnings of Review Board, where we are now, and where we're 
> going over the next couple of years.
> We always like hearing from people who use Review Board every day. I'd 
> love to hear of any good stories people might have about Review Board, and 
> of course if you are a happy user, let's get you on the Happy Users 
> <https://www.reviewboard.org/users/> page :)
> Here's to 10 more great years!
> Christian
> -- 
> Christian Hammond
> President/CEO of Beanbag <https://www.beanbaginc.com/>
> Makers of Review Board <https://www.reviewboard.org/>

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