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(Updated March 8, 2016, 7:26 p.m.)

Review request for Ambari, Alexandr Antonenko and Di Li.

Bugs: AMBARI-15310

Repository: ambari


In Ambari UI, navigate to Hosts and click on the hostname where the service is 
installed. The summary page displays the list of services installed.
Observe that longer service names does not display well. The refresh icon etc. 
spills to the next line (see attachment "Original spacing with long service 
Also, note the indentation of the last button for Clients does not align well 
with the buttons above it.


  ambari-web/app/styles/application.less 755dff2 
  ambari-web/app/templates/main/host/details/host_component.hbs 60031de 
  ambari-web/app/templates/main/host/summary.hbs 17a0b69 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/44457/diff/


This issue is simialr to AMBARI-11670 where the spacing for each component was 
fixed in a <div> tag.
The fix here also uses a similar approach where every component is surrounded 
by a <div> tag and the width is fixed for them so that the appear in their 
respective positions regardless of the length of service names. I have also 
adjusted the width of the left <div> component with "span8" instead of "span7" 
and the right <div> component of the button to "span4" instead of "span5" to 
better adjust the spacing.

No tests are written for these changes as the fix involves updates in the 
However, the changes were tested by zooming in and out and checking if the 
icons and names were contained in their respective blocks and not overlapping 
with other <div> blocks.

The following is the result of running ambari-web tests:

  24565 tests complete (28 seconds)
  145 tests pending

File Attachments (updated)

AMBARI-15310 (patch-2)
AMBARI-15310 (patch-3)


Keta Patel

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