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Review request for Ambari, Alexandr Antonenko, Jaimin Jetly, Oleg Nechiporenko, 
Richard Zang, Srimanth Gunturi, Xi Wang, and Yusaku Sako.

Bugs: AMBARI-15720

Repository: ambari


AGGREGATE type alerts should not expose a repeat_tolerance or 
repeat_tolerance_enabled setting in the web client. This is because of the 
nature of how AGGREGATE alerts functions. They respond to HARD alert events and 
are therefore simply a summary of the known alerts which have already reached 
their repeat tolerance levels.
These types of alerts will not honor a global repeat tolerance value 
(cluster-env/alerts_repeat_tolerance nor will they honor changes to alert 
definitions of source type AGGREGATE.
They effectively have a tolerance of 1 always.


  ambari-web/app/models/alerts/alert_definition.js bdc8431 
  ambari-web/app/templates/main/alerts/definition_details.hbs 95a8a08 

Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/45774/diff/


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Zhe (Joe) Wang

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