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Change subject: IMPALA-6258: Uninitialized tuple pointers in row batch for 
empty rows

IMPALA-6258: Uninitialized tuple pointers in row batch for empty rows

Tuple pointers in the generated row batches may not be initialized
if a tuple has byte size 0. There are some codes which compare these
uninitialized pointers against nullptr so having them uninitialized
may return wrong (and non-deterministic) results, e.g.:

The following query produces non-deterministic results currently:

SELECT count(v.x) FROM functional.alltypestiny t3 LEFT OUTER JOIN (
  SELECT true AS x FROM functional.alltypestiny t1 LEFT OUTER JOIN
  functional.alltypestiny t2 ON (true)) v ON (v.x = t3.bool_col)
WHERE t3.bool_col = true;

The alltypestiny table has 8 records, 4 records of them has the true
boolean value for bool_col. Therefore, the above query is a fancy
way of saying "8 * 8 * 4", i.e. it should return 256.

The solution is that scanners initialize tuple pointers to a non-null
value when there are no materialized slots. This non-null value is
provided by the new static method called Tuple::Poison().

I extended QueryTest/scanners.test with the above query. This test
executes the query against all table formats.

Change-Id: I298122aaaa7e62eb5971508e0698e189519755de
M be/src/exec/hdfs-scanner.cc
M be/src/exec/kudu-scanner.cc
M be/src/runtime/tuple.cc
M be/src/runtime/tuple.h
M testdata/workloads/functional-query/queries/QueryTest/scanners.test
5 files changed, 47 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

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