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Change subject: IMPALA-5139: Update mvn-quiet.sh to print execution content to 
log file

Patch Set 5:

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File bin/mvn-quiet.sh:

PS5, Line 35:     mvn "$@" | tee -a $LOG_FILE | grep -E -e WARNING -e ERROR -e 
SUCCESS -e FAILURE -e Test; then
I'll repeat my caveat about not being any sort of bash expert. I recommend 
running my comments past someone else -- e.g., Phil Z. or Michael.

I feel like there is something that is still confusing about this code, and 
some of it has to do with this patch, but a lot of it preceded your patch as 

* I still think mvn being piped to mvn is an odd construction, and probably 
something to be avoided

* I think that the combined interaction between "set -eo pipefail" and the 
if-block and the piping is a little hard to reason about

* I strongly suspect that inside the if-block, as it stands, "echo [...] exited 
with code $?" will *always* show an exit code of 0, regardless of whether mvn 
failed or not

* That said, I do think that "exit 1" will execute if mvn failed, so at least 
the script will fail as expected

Stepping back for a minute to consider what we want this script to do, I think 
it's something like this:

* we don't want to see the verbose output of mvn, but we want to capture it in 
a log file

* however, if there are lines ERRORS or WARNINGS or SUCCESS or FAILURE, we want 
to send those lines to the console

* in the chain of mvn | tee | grep, we want to exit with a non-zero status if 
mvn fails, but we don't esepcially care about the exit status of tee and 
certainly not grep

I think that all of those things can be accomplished with something like this.

  set -uo pipefail  # i.e., get rid of set -e


  mvn $IMPALA_MAVEN_OPTIONS "$@" | tee -a $LOG_FILE | \
      grep -E -e WARNING -e ERROR -e SUCCESS -e FAILURE -e Test

  echo "mvn exited with ${MVN_EXIT_STATUS}"

Getting rid of "set -e" means that we can continue to execute in this script 
even if mvn fails, but without having to resort to "if mvn [...]; then...".

Everything gets logged, but only lines matching our grep pattern go to console.

mvn exit status is captured in ${PIPESTATUS[0]}, but tee and grep status are 

The script exits with the same status as mvn.

This manages to avoid piping mvn to mvn.

FYI, this is the page I read about to clarify my understanding of pipefail and 

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