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Change subject: IMPALA-6817: Clean up Impala privilege model

Patch Set 9:

PS8, Line 35:         actions.add(new BitFieldAction(action.getValue(), 
> There is a small and finite number of BitFieldActions, can we just create s
Putting static values here, isn't it going to defeat the purpose of having to 
list down the list of privileges in a single place? Introducing a privilege 
will require an update two two places, i.e. and
File fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/authorization/
PS8, Line 53:   public enum ImpalaAction implements Action {
> Why would we not make this ImpalaAction a BitFieldAction directly?
Java doesn't allow extending a class in enums:
PS8, Line 60:     ALL("*",
> Is this somehow changing the meaning of ALL? We generally treat ALL as a di
Nope. The behavior remains the same, such that revoking SELECT from ALL is a 
no-op. Prior to Sentry 2.0, Sentry defines what ALL means. In Sentry 2.0, we 
can definite what ALL means, but ALL is still treated as a distinct privilege.
PS8, Line 33:     ImpalaActionFactory factory = new ImpalaActionFactory();
> factory? (here and elsewhere)
PS8, Line 52:     expected = Lists.newArrayList(
> fix indentation
PS8, Line 59:          ImpalaAction.ALL);
> This makes it look like ALL is a distinct privilege?
PS8, Line 71:     assertBitFieldActions(expected, actual);
> what happens if you pass in a code 1 << 10 or something invalid?
When 1 << 10, expected should be empty. I'll add a test.

When a value isn't a bitwise OR of all valid action codes, the behavior is 
undefined. We can do some validation, but I don't know if it's worth doing it 
since it's a pretty common pattern to do bitwise OR for storing some settings. 
Furthermore, this method isn't actually used in Sentry. I just implemented here 
for completeness:

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