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Change subject: IMPALA-6860: [DOCS] Upgrade considerations for Impala 3.0

Patch Set 1:

File docs/topics/impala_upgrading.xml:
PS1, Line 149: you
is "you" the style used throughout the docs for such cases? seems a bit too 
PS1, Line 151: startup option, <codeph>reserved_words_version</codeph>, to
             :             <codeph>"2.11.0"</codeph>.
If this is a flag that's passed to the binary, lets call it a flag, along with 
making it look like a flag, e.g.: "--reserved_words_version=2.11.0"
Would that be consistent with other "startup options"?
PS1, Line 157: /></title>
single line
PS1, Line 159: implementation
PS1, Line 163: you
PS1, Line 164: your
PS1, Line 165: <codeph>DECIMAL_V2</codeph> query option to
             :             <codeph>FALSE</codeph>.
just asking, do we typically provide the "set" command for these cases so its 
easy to cut-and-paste?
PS1, Line 188:  > 3;</codeblock>
is it worth pointing out the error message?
PS1, Line 211:         <p> The default value for the 
the query option?
PS1, Line 213: Parquet standard 3-level
             :           encoding.
external link to this?
PS1, Line 219:           for the information about the query option.</p>
is it obvious what happens here if I don't think much about this change? in 
other words, should I expect some files to no longer be read, expect additional 
files to be read, or something else?
PS1, Line 226:             >clustered</keyword> hint is enabled by default. The 
hint inserts a
fix break

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