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Change subject: IMPALA-7163: Implement a state machine for the QueryState class

Patch Set 6:

File be/src/runtime/
PS4, Line 128:
> This seems to fit into IMPALA-4063 better. As the code stands in this patch
I removed this and moved the code inside StartFInstances(). I'll bring this 
back with IMPALA-4063
File be/src/runtime/query-state.h:
PS4, Line 159:  until all
> IMPALA-4063
Removed this.
PS4, Line 278:     /// CANCELLED: This query received a CancelQueryFInstances() 
RPC or was directed by
> No implication on whether all fragment instances have finished cancelling t
Yes, added a line that explains that.
PS4, Line 292: ackendExecS
> Did you mean IMPALA-4063 ? Does it mean this comment needs to be removed. M
Yes I meant IMPALA-4063. Removed this.
PS4, Line 350: /// created in St
> std::unique_ptr
PS4, Line 355: /// whether they
> std::unique_ptr
File be/src/runtime/
PS4, Line 350:
> Was this a bug ?! Will we hang in the for loop at line 363 below if we fail
This technically is a race, but we never hit it because none of the fragment 
instances try to access fis_map_. I changed it back to the original way.

The reason I had this change in the first place was because one of my 
intermediate patches hit that error, but I don't need this change now.
PS4, Line 141: instances_prepared_barrier_
> As discussed offline, the behavior during "preparation" phase of the query
I changed this based on our offline discussion.

The gist is that I removed the FIS::prepared_promise_ since it was unnecessary 
and introduced a 'status_lock_' and a 'prepared_status_'. Each FIS will try to 
update 'prepared_status_' on its own when it hits an error.
PS4, Line 225: DCHECK(false
> DCHECK(false) ?! Does this warrant a targeted BE test ?
Oops, fixed. I don't think we'll be able to write a meaningful BE test for the 
state machine, because we'll be forcing it into cases we never expect the code 
to hit, just to see an error message.
PS4, Line 230: s QueryState::UpdateBackendExecState(
> This function seems like a no-op in this patch. Can this be added in the ne
Yes, I removed it.
PS4, Line 278:   ReportExecStatusAux(done, status, fis, true);
             : }
             : void QueryState::ReportExecStatusAux(bool done, const Status& 
             :     FragmentInstanceState* fis, bool instances_started) {
             :   // if we're reporting an error, we're done
             :   DCHECK(status.ok() || done
> Will this actually be duplicating the error message which we usually log al
The first operator to hit an error will log the error itself. This is a query 
wide acknowledgement of that error in an executor. Subsequent errors hit in the 
same query won't show up here.

We have a pattern of multiple places logging the same error already, and I 
think it's helpful if we have an acknowledgement of the query status of a query 
in an executor.

Anyway, since we discussed and agreed to remove this, I'll do so.
PS4, Line 391: Status status = DescriptorTbl::Create(&o
> As discussed offline, there is no need to have a different implementation f
Changed based on our offline discussion.
PS4, Line 434: rence count
> IMPALA-4063 ?
PS4, Line 502: initiate cancellation if nobody
> Please see comments in
PS4, Line 542:
> Not sure what you think about the following. It appears to me that we may n
As we discussed, we can't differentiate between the different states here.

i.e. Prepare() and Open() and ExecInternal() all are called within fis->Exec(). 
So we won't know which stage failed if we're planning to notify the barriers 

Also, this function runs in the context of a FIS thread, so sending a final 
profile here in case of an error is not a good idea, as we want all profiles to 
be sent by the query state thread.

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