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Change subject: IMPALA-6692: Trigger sort node run before hitting memory limit.

IMPALA-6692: Trigger sort node run before hitting memory limit.

Sorter node works by adding row batches to a sort run. After all
batches are added to current unsorted run or memory limit is hit,
sorter will immediately start the run. If the latter case happens,
sorter will spill the sorted run to disk after sort complete, create
new unsorted run object, and continue to add the next row batches, and
so on.

This algorithm tries to fit as much rows into memory before start
sorting. However, in the case of partitioned sort with large number of
row batches, fitting too much rows into memory will cause the sort to
be slow and block the sorter node for a long time before it can
release some memory and continue accepting the next row batch from
exchange node. One slow sorter node can block exchange node from
sending row batches to other sorter node that is free.

This patch speeds up the decision to start the sort without waiting it
to hit memory limit first by capping the intermediary quicksort run to
lower memory limit, determined by query option 'sort_run_bytes_limit'.
If the total used reservation of quicksort has exceeded
sort_run_bytes_limit, current unsorted_run_ will be wrapped up,
sorted, and then spilled. Thus, overlapping the next sort run with
spill from previous sort run.

To reduce regression for cases where total input size of sort node
might be fully fit into available memory, sort_run_bytes_limit will
not be enforced for the first sort run. However, it will stay limited
by sort_run_bytes_limit if planner estimates hint that spill is
inevitably will happen.

We also add new summary counter 'AddBatchTime' to get summary of how
much time spent in Sorter::AddBatch. Max of 'AddBatchTime' indicate
the longest time spent in Sorter::AddBatch, presumably busy doing
intermediary sort.

- Add new e2e test TestQueryFullSort::test_multiple_sort_run_bytes_limits
- Run core tests
- Run data loading of 3 largest TPC-DS facts table of 300GB scale into
  real cluster using 5 backends, and 4GB mem_limit.
  sort_run_bytes_limit is varied between unspecified (not limited) vs
  512 MB. The performance result is summarized in the following table.

|  Insert table |  #Rows  |      Avg     |       no limit        |      512 MB 
limit       |
|               |         | SortDataSize 
|               |         |   per Node   |  Query |      Max     |  Query  |    
  Max      |
|               |         |              |  Time  | AddBatchTime |   Time  |  
AddBatchTime |
| store_sales   | 864.00M |     15.29 GB | 30m18s |     53s311ms |     20m |    
   5s634ms |
| catalog_sales | 431.97M |     11.34 GB | 23m24s |     31s212ms |  15m27s |    
   3s603ms |
| web_sales     | 216.01M |      5.67 GB |  8m16s |     29s250ms |   6m41s |    
   3s856ms |

Change-Id: I2a0ba7c4bae4f1d300d4d9d7f594f63ced06a240
M be/src/exec/sort-node.cc
M be/src/exec/sort-node.h
M be/src/runtime/coordinator-backend-state.cc
M be/src/runtime/query-state.cc
M be/src/runtime/query-state.h
M be/src/runtime/sorter.cc
M be/src/runtime/sorter.h
M be/src/service/query-options-test.cc
M be/src/service/query-options.cc
M be/src/service/query-options.h
M common/thrift/ImpalaInternalService.thrift
M common/thrift/ImpalaService.thrift
M common/thrift/PlanNodes.thrift
M fe/src/main/java/org/apache/impala/planner/SortNode.java
M tests/query_test/test_sort.py
15 files changed, 224 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

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